design your home as your imagination



Massif has founded in 1978, Bursa and has quite experience and knowledge of the business. The company has been serving its client by stylish designs proving that furniture is not an only piece of wood itself yet a complete master piece. The company stands on the principles of sustainable success and profession. Massif has become one of the promising company in its field over the 43 years by its quality and service.

Massif spends hours to find right fabrics and woods and works with masters of the field in order to take place in your home. Massif serves its clients in the store area of 4000m2. The company which works only with master designers that establish up coming trends and desings in the area, participates in world's most elegant fairies by its designs and works. 

As Massif has become one of the trend setters in the business and creates artisian designs until  now, it also promises to continue its quality and will stand on the principles that led the company to the current point so far.